What to include within your wedding day photography schedule

A wedding day is a special occasion that requires careful planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The wedding photography schedule is an essential part of the planning process. It provides a timeline of the day’s events and ensures that the photographer captures all the important moments.

Here is a sample wedding day photography schedule:

Preparation Shots

The photographer will start the day by capturing photos of the bride and groom getting ready. This includes shots of the wedding dress, accessories, and hair and makeup. These photos are usually taken in the morning before the ceremony.

Ceremony Shots

The ceremony is the most important part of the day, and the photographer will capture every moment of it. This includes photos of the bride and groom walking down the aisle, the exchange of vows and rings, the first kiss, and the recessional. The photographer will take both candid and posed shots of the ceremony.

Formal Shots

After the ceremony, the photographer will take formal shots of the wedding party, family members, and the newlyweds. These shots are usually taken in front of a scenic backdrop or at a location that has sentimental value to the couple.

Reception Shots

The reception is where the real fun begins. The photographer will capture shots of the couple’s first dance, the speeches, and the cutting of the cake. They will also take candid shots of guests dancing and having a good time.


A wedding day photography schedule is an essential tool for ensuring that all the important moments are captured. By following this sample schedule, you can ensure that your wedding photographer captures all the essential shots. Remember to work with your photographer to create a schedule that works for you and fits the unique needs of your wedding day.