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What Makes Mark Requena Perfect For Photographing Your Sarnia Wedding?

If you are seeking a Sarnia wedding photographer, Mark Requena is a highly experienced wedding photographer who offers professional wedding photography services throughout Sarnia Lambton and the surrounding area. Mark Requena is an excellent wedding photographer choice for your Sarnia wedding as he brings over 15 years of wedding photography experience to your wedding day!

Rest assured that Mark will photograph your Sarnia wedding from start to finish in glorious detail. Mark specializes in wedding photography, and puts a comfortable photography schedule together for all of the weddings that he photographs in Sarnia Lambton, working closely with you to ensure all of your wedding photography needs and expectations are fully met.

Sarnia wedding photographer photo taken in 'Sarnia'

Wedding Photography With a Personal Touch

With 25+ years of commercial photo-editing experience, Mark is able to airbrush your wedding day photographs to softly remove blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and oily skin, to ensure that your Sarnia wedding photographs look exceptional. This photo-editing service is provided on request, depending on your preferences.

A Premier Wedding Photographer For Sarnia Lambton

Your wedding day happens once! which is why it’s very important to choose an experienced wedding photographer to photograph your Sarnia wedding. Mark prides himself in providing a down to earth and guided wedding photography service, his ability to photograph candid’s of you and your guests having fun is second to none.

If you have not taken a look at Marks wedding photography portfolio yet, please do so, and you will get a good idea of his wedding photography skills, and the beautiful manner in which he can photograph your Sarnia wedding that will tell the perfect story of your wedding day.

What Does My Sarnia Wedding Photography Include?

Mark will capture your Sarnia wedding in great detail, including your getting ready photographs, the guests arriving, walking down the isle, vows, the ring exchange, the first kiss, guests reacting, posed photographs, family group shots, the wedding party, reception, speeches, the reactions to your speeches, and lots more!

Mark will usually head to a beautiful outdoor location in Sarnia for posed photographs (after the wedding ceremony and family group shots have taken place) but every wedding is different, which is why he plans and schedules your Sarnia wedding photography in detail, to ensure that a comfortable and realistic wedding photography timeline is established prior to your wedding day.

Your Up-coming Wedding in Sarnia…

Let’s get your wedding photography moving in Sarnia, contact Mark and schedule a wedding photography consultation today. You can also view Mark’s wedding packages for more information or his portfolio of wedding photos that have been photographed in and around the Sarnia Lambton area.

Popular Sarnia Wedding Destinations

Sarnia has a large number of stunning wedding venues that photograph especially well. If you have not selected your wedding ceremony / reception location yet, you can find a useful listing of of wedding venues listing of wedding venues below, each offer the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony and reception, and also offer excellent photography backdrops for your wedding photography to take place:

All of the Sarnia wedding venues above make for perfect photography settings for your up-coming wedding. Contact Mark to confirm availability for your Sarnia wedding date today.