Educational – What to avoid in a Chatham wedding photographer to ensure success

Choosing a wedding photographer in Chatham is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your big day. While there are plenty of talented professional wedding photographers out there, there are also some warning signs to watch out for in order to help make your wedding day a success!

Here are some things to look for, and avoid! when choosing your Chatham wedding photographer:

Lack of wedding experience

While everyone has to start somewhere, you don’t want your wedding to be a photographer’s first or second job. Look for someone with several years of experience, a solid portfolio, and plenty of glowing reviews.

No contract

If your Chatham wedding photographer does not offer a contract, it’s a red flag. A contract protects both you and the photographer, and outlines exactly what you’re getting for your money. Make sure you read it carefully and ask questions if anything seems unclear.

No backup plan

Equipment can fail, and you don’t want to be left without photos of your wedding day. Make sure your photographer has a backup plan in case something goes wrong with their camera or other equipment.

Lack of communication

Your Chatham wedding photographer should be easy to get in touch with and responsive to your emails and phone calls. If they’re difficult to reach before the wedding, it could be a sign that they won’t be reliable on the day itself.

Pushy sales tactics

If a photographer is trying to upsell you on things you don’t need, or is being overly pushy about booking, it’s a warning sign. A good photographer should be confident in their work and let it speak for itself, without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics.

Poor reviews

Always check a photographer’s reviews before booking. If they have consistently poor reviews, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Remember, your Chatham wedding day is one of the most important days to photograph, and you want to make sure you have beautiful photos to remember it by. By avoiding these warning signs, you can find a Chatham based wedding photographer who will capture your day beautifully and give you memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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