Travis & Amanda Wedding Photography at The Chatham Armoury



I had the incredible opportunity to photograph Amanda Maria and Travis Lachance’s wedding at the historic Chatham Armoury in Chatham, Ontario. The ten-hour shoot was filled with beautiful moments, starting at the Retrosuites, and ending with the serene and picturesque couple photos captured at Tecumseh Park, which offers a stunning view of the Armouries and the River Thames. The natural backdrop of Tecumseh Park added a timeless charm to the photographs. From the intimate ceremony to the lively reception, every moment was photographed with attention to detail, ensuring that the essence of Amanda & Travis’s wedding day can be reflected on for years to come.

Working with Amanda, Travis, their family, and friends was great fun. Their down-to-earth nature and warm personalities shone through every shot, and the guests were equally enjoyable to capture. This wedding was a perfect example of how a great couple and supportive loved ones can make a wedding photographer’s job not only easy but incredibly rewarding.

Thanks Travis & Amanda for allowing me to photograph your Chatham wedding!